Custom hammock with stand unwind your way

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The hammock with stand features include durable steel construction, easy assembly, adjustable height, and a sturdy support system. It offers comfortable relaxation with a spacious hammock bed, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The stand provides stability and can accommodate various hammock styles. Perfect for unwinding and enjoying leisure time.

Item Hammock With Stand
Dimensions Custom
Weight 25 lbs/Custom
Material Steel frame, polyester hammock
Maximum Weight 300 lbs
Assembly Tool-free assembly
Adjustable Height Yes
Indoor/Outdoor Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
Included Accessories Carrying case, hardware
Portability Foldable and easy to transport
Colors Available in multiple color options
Warranty 1-year warranty

A hammock with a stand is a convenient and versatile outdoor furniture set that allows you to enjoy the comfort of a hammock without the need for trees or other anchor points. It offers a freestanding solution, making it perfect for any outdoor space, from backyard patios to camping grounds.

The stand is typically made of sturdy materials like steel or aluminum, providing a stable and durable support system for the hammock. It often features a design with interlocking poles or a frame that can be easily assembled and disassembled without the need for tools.

Hammocks with stands come in various styles and sizes to accommodate different preferences and spaces. They can be found in single or double sizes, allowing for solo relaxation or cozy moments with a partner. The hammock itself is usually made of durable and weather-resistant fabric, offering a comfortable and supportive sleeping or lounging surface.

The stand eliminates the need for trees or other anchor points, providing flexibility in where you can set up your hammock. It allows you to place it in your preferred spot, whether it’s on a patio, by the poolside, or even indoors. The freestanding design also makes it easy to move and reposition the hammock as needed.

Hammocks with stands offer a hassle-free and convenient way to enjoy the relaxation and comfort of a hammock. They provide a stable and sturdy setup that can be enjoyed in various outdoor or indoor settings, allowing you to create a cozy oasis wherever you desire.